Flat Panel Detector

The 14*17 and 17*17 inch wired flat panel detectors from SONTU Medical are lightweight and simple in design with Cesium Scintillators and Gadolinium options available.

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Superior Image Quality

Pixel Pitch: 140 ?
High sensitivity, high spatial resolution
Automatic Exposure Detection (AED)
Stable performance

Strong environmental compatibility, IP54 dust resistance and waterproofing.
Self-developed FPD with independent intellectual property rights and multiple patents.

Ergonomic Design

Status LED indicators.
Concealed handles design, comfortable for use.
Lower dose, safer for human bodye.
Cutting-edge Clinical Advanced Applications

Panoramic Stitching (Standard).
Virtual Dual-Energy Subtraction (Standard).
Bone Mineral Density Measurement ?Optional?.
AI Auxiliary Diagnostic System?Optional?.

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