ESU Analyzer – for Complex Waveforms – and Multi-Pulse Analysis – Internal Loads (0-6400 Ohm)

The ESU-2400H offers an unprecedented buffer depth of over 16 million samples. This allows for ultra-stable measurements of ESU Generator output waveforms and provides future-proofing for new generator output modes such as multiple pulsed waveforms.

The ESU-2400H uses the same base platform as the ESU-2400. This means that you can upgrade your existing analyzer without having to purchase a whole new unit. You have the freedom to get started with the ESU-2400 and then upgrade as the need arises.

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? Measure advanced generator outputs with pulsed RF at up to three different amplitudes
? Based upon years of collaborative work with leading electrosurgery industry manufacturers
? The industry?s most comprehensive and most accurate full-featured analyzer
? Industry standard RF current measurement
? DFA? Technology ultra high speed digitization of complex RF waveforms
? Compatible with the latest ESU generator platforms
? Continuous and pulsed output waveform compatible
? Embedded real-time operating system with VGA color touch screen display
? Displays up to 15 different measurement parameters with user selectable and definable screens
? Internal precision test loads from 0 ohms to 6400 ohms in 1 ohms increments

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