Digital Press/Vac Meter – Min/Max and RS232 – +/-0.10% Full Scale – 5 Digit Display

The DPM-2000 Series is a microprocessor-based digital pressure meter family. It measures both gas and liquid pressures and provides multiple engineering unit displays for the results. The DPM-2001 Plus has all the features of the DPM-2001 and adds Min/Max Pressure value storage and RS-232 communication.

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DPM-2001 Plus Features:
? Min/Max pressure value storage
? RS-232 serial communications
? -13.50 to 100.00 psi range
? 0.1% fs accuracy (pressure)
? Pressure scales include psi, inh2o, cmh2o, and mmhg
? Digital calibration ? no pots to turn
? 5 digit lcd plus scale indication
? Battery life display (0 to 100%)
? Programmable digital filter
? LCD contrast is software adjustable
? 16 bit pressure measurement
? Digital zero adjust

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