CO2 Sampling Cannula with Split O2 Delivery

Available in cases of 25, our split nasal CO2 cannula allows for ETCO2 sampling with simultaneous oxygen delivery. These cannulas are compatible with a wide range of side stream capnography monitors and are most often used with non-intubated patients under light to heavy sedation. In the past the issue with measuring ETCO2 with non-intubated patients was interference from fresh oxygen sources. In many procedures oxygen delivery dilutes or distorts End Tidal gas readings. With a split sampling cannula design ETCO2 gas can be measured in an undiluted state while oxygen is still delivered normally.

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Divided design with oxygen delivery and simultaneous CO2 sampling.
Male & Female luer lock connection works with all monitors.
Kink resistant tubing design.
O2 Tubing Length: 7 ft (2.1 m)
CO2 Tubing Length: 7 ft (2.1 m)
Packing size: 25 per box

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