CASTrGARD 5″ Wheel and Caster Guards – Set of 4

CASTrGARDS protect expensive cables, probes and
lead wires while allowing for continous monitoring!

Designed by a Doctor/Engineer who understands the clinical environment, CASTrGARD? Wheel and Caster Guards fit Most Anesthesia Machines and come in a Set of 4. CASTrGARDS eliminate the need to to stop monitoring the patient to clear a wheel obstruction. CASTrGARDS fit many popular anesthesia machines including Datex/Ohmeda, Ulco, Drager/Draeger, and Datascope brands.

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Durable one-piece design with integral living hinge, locking tab, closure positioning/support pins. Easy to install and remove without a tool.

Excellent chemical and impact resistance. Designed to withstand repeated 1 meter drops to a concrete floor (when closed and latched).

Latch Release Force:
5 pounds (22 Newtons) (approximate)

High impact polypropylene structural foam

CAS-45SM-4(color) – For casters up to 5″

Datex /Ohmeda (GE) – all models
Drager/Draeger – all models EXCEPT below
Penlon – all models
Ulco – all models

(Complete compatibility information available at bottom of page)

Quick and simple to install without requiring complex instruction manuals or usage procedures – no tools required!
Superior one-piece design – no parts to lose or adjust!
Conveniently moves cords and hoses as you move your equipment
Potential cost savings is significant since CASTrGARDS protect expensive cables, probes and lead wires
Available in 5″, 6″ and 7.25″ diameters (see CASTrGARDS Spec Sheet in the Documents tab for full dimension specs on all available sizes as well as operation instructions and cleaning/maintenance information)

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