Bovie Aaron Surch-Lite Orotracheal Non-Sterile Lighted Stylet

Surch-Lite? Orotracheal Non-Sterile Lighted Stylet by Bovie

Aaron’s Surch-Lite? Orotracheal Lighted Intubation Stylets assist in the visualization required for the proper placement of endotracheal tubes. By using the lighted stylet, theuser is assured of the correct placement of the endotracheal tube when a bright glow in the midline of the laryngeal prominence is seen. Flexible shafts, a protective coating over the bulb housing, and one-hand activating on/off switch provide easy operation, safety and convenience. The Aaron lighted intubation stylet is designed for emergency and trauma situations both in the field and E.R., as well as intubation procedures in the operating room. It also serves as an effective alternative to the standard laryngoscope.

Lighted intubation stylet
40 cm shaft length

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