Ambu Aura-i Disposable Latex Free Laryngeal Mask (10/case)

This new single-use laryngeal mask combines everyday routine use with direct intubation capability in case of difficult airway situations, and it is compatible with standard ET-tubes. It has an anatomical shape in a proven Aura?? design, eliminating the need for an exchange catheter. Ambu? Aura-i?? comes in 8 different mask sizes for infants, pediatrics and adults. 8 sizes to cover infants, pediatrics and adults Aura-i?? comes in a complete range of 8 sizes, suitable for infants, pediatrics and adults. The airway tube of each mask size is designed to allow optimal positioning of the corresponding ET-tube. Compatible The new Ambu? Aura-i?? is compatible with the standard ET-tubes. It is designed around Ambu???s proven soft inflatable cuff design used throughout the entire Ambu? Aura?? laryngeal mask range. Anatomical curve The airway tube of the Ambu? Aura-i?? is pre-formed to follow the anatomy of the human airway. The soft rounded curve ensures fast and easy placement and guarantees long-term performance with minimal patient trauma. Intubation ready The Ambu? Aura-i?? is the preferred everyday routine device for establishing an airway where an ET-tube is deemed unnecessary. At the same time it holds a place on the difficult airway cart. Acting as a conduit for endotracheal intubation it fits perfectly into the difficult airway algorithm in case of a ??Cannot Intubate ?? Cannot mask Ventilate? situation, CI-CV

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Ambu? Aura-i?? Mask Size Weight/kg Max ETube 1 3.5 1.5 5-10 4.0 2 10-20 5.0 2.5 20-30 5.5 3 30-50 6.5 4 50-70 7.5 5 70-100 8.0 6 >100 8.0 ***Only the 3, 4 and 5 mask size are available at this moment***

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