Meximed Quality Assured Services

MEXIMED offers a full range of services for clinics, private and public health facilities and military/research facilities in need of medical equipment repairs and/or installation.

  • We import & sell new and refurbished medical equipment.
  • We manage scheduled preventative maintenance programs.
  • We install, set up, and test-run a variety of equipment.
  • We provide training & technical assistance to your biomedical staff.
  • Our calibration service meets international acceptable standards.
  • We repair and service a large variety of medical equipment.

Our Services

  • Importing & selling new and refurbished medical equipment

    MEXIMED provide reliable, quality-certified new & refurbished medical equipment:

    • critical care equipment,
    • ultrasounds,
    • diagnostic imaging equipment,
    • dental equipment,
    • maternal infant care equipment and
    • laboratory equipment.

  • Installing, setting-up and testing

    MEXIMED install, setup, and test run a variety of equipment such as

    • ICU equipment,
    • Diagnostic Radiology equipment,
    • Maternal Infant care equipment,
    • Dental equipment and
    • others.

    You can have your equipment dropped off at our company warehouse or at your site. Our technicians will come, unpack, assemble and install it. We will perform all necessary inspections and certify the unit for use.

    We will even remove and dispose of all the packing materials! And, while we are there, we can also remove and dispose your old equipment!

  • Customization

    MEXIMED customize equipment according to the architecture of the facility for efficiency.

  • Training & Technical Assistance

    MEXIMED provides training and technical assistance to biomedical and health personnel in equipment operations and maintenance.

  • Facility Evaluations & Assessments

    MEXIMED does facility evaluations and assessments through a health system approach for better planning and allocation of resources.

  • Calibration Service

    MEXIMED provides calibrations to meet the international acceptable standards. Our professional technicians will work to ensure your equipment offers accurate readings during every use. Equipment needing calibrations are performed on certified and calibrated equipment. All units are labelled and documentation provided. We endeavour to make all equipment to perform to manufacturer and governing bodies required values.

    Some examples of equipment calibrations are:

    • Patient Monitor calibration,
    • Baby incubator calibration,
    • Ultrasound calibrations
    • etc.
  • Maintenance

    MEXIMED develops, implements, and manages scheduled preventative maintenance programs to provide customers with labelled equipment and paperwork for inspecting agencies.

    In our preventative maintenance programs and electrical safety inspections we only use manufacturer guidelines. We pride ourselves in the thoroughness of our inspections and can customize any program to meet the needs of our customers.

  • Repairs

    MEXIMED repairs and services a large variety of medical equipment.

    Our biomedical technicians are experienced and factory trained. We provide quick repair turnaround time and warranty our workmanship. We can come to your facility or arrange for you to ship your faulty devices to us at our cost. Either way, we will work to repair and return your equipment in a timely manner. Our service repairs are performed by qualified and certified biomedical technicians. Our company prides ourselves in the quality and honesty of our work practices. We strive to provide a quick turn–around times and customer satisfaction.