Stryker 16L High Flow Insufflator

The Stryker 16L High Flow Insufflator is compact and durable, with precise pressure measurement to 31 mm Hg and a selection of three gas flow rates for optimal operation.

This device has four digital displays that indicate desired pressure, actual pressure, current flow rate, and volume of CO2 consumed. Interruption of operation is processed by the Start/Stop button.

Dimensions 360 ? 150 ? 300 mm
Weight: 9 kg
Insufflation Medium : CO2
80 bar bottle pressure
Insuffation Rate
Rate 1: approx. 1.2 L/min
Rate 2: approx. 6.0 L/min
Rate 3: approx. 16.0 L/min
Working Pressure
0 – 31 mm Hg, continuously variable, pre-selectable and limitable

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