Puritan Bennett 840 Ventilator

This unit is designed well for high volume enviroments such as the ICU, NICU, Respiratory Therapy units, and other critical care environments.

The Puritan Bennett 840 Ventilator System is easy to use, fast, and designed for patient comfort. It works with patients neonate through adult as well as with difficult critical care cases.

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Puritan Bennett 840 Features
Advanced Technology: DualView touchscreens, High-performance pneumatics, and dual-microprocessor electronics.
Easy Upgrades: Software can be upgraded and customized to meet a variety of future clinical needs.
Enhanced noninvasive ventilation (NIV) for use with a stable respiratory drive.
Data Integration: Supports communication with all major patient monitoring and hospital information systems for use in electronic data transfer.
Optional Clinivision Mobile Patient Charting software provides the ability to practice evidence-based medicine.
Low Overall Cost of Ownership: The Puritan Bennett 840 Ventilator is engineered with high volume environments in mind. It is durable, reliable, and easy to service.
Software Options
BiLevel: Enables patients to breathe spontaneously at two levels of PEEP, for greater patient / ventilator sync.
Volume Ventilation Plus: Pressure control breath style with a guaranteed tidal volume.
Tube Compensation: Spontaneous breath delivery enhancement that accurately overcomes the work of breathing through an artificial airway.
NeoMode: Allows ventilation of patients as small as 500 grams without requiring a flow sensor at the patient’s airway.

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