Kirin Series Phosphor plate scanner

Kirin series is a reliable intraoral x-ray imaging plate scanner solution with a modern and elegant appearance. With its lightweight and compact system design, it can perfectly fit into any dental office.

Integrated Design

Original & unique hanging magnetic design for the plate box that can be absorbed on the two sides of the host, allows the ultimate space-saving while reducing the risk of misplacement.
Enhance Your Workflow

Intelligent image transmitting workstation ? ?SONTU Smartlin? supports medical image sharing across multiple clinic rooms and images acquisition within 10s that speed up your workflow.

Variety IP sizes

4 optional image plate sizes are available to meet all your clinic demands.
Size 0: 22 x 31mm Child
Size 1: 24 x 40mm Standard / Bitewing
Size 2: 31 x 41mm Adult
Size 3: 27 x 54mm Bitewing
SONTU Smart Dental CR

Integrated with multiple image processing functions and efficient imaging tools, the friendly operation interface provides more convenient workflow for dentists. AI Auxiliary Diagnosis system could help identify thirteen kinds of dental diseases.

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