Parents in the smartphone era have all sorts of gadgets and apps to monitor, feed and amuse their kids, but when the little ones get sick, the options are decidedly low-tech. There’s nothing cutting-edge about bed rest, porridge and orange juice, and even fancy digital thermometers aren’t much of an improvement over our moms’ mercury-filled ones. They may be easier to read, but they still take forever to register.

There are new medical innovations being discovered every day, but the ones that have the real power to positively impact health outcomes are the ones that integrate technological intelligence into a user-friendly product.

With their smart thermometer technology, which is the first FDA-cleared app-enabled thermometer, Kinsa has upgraded the standard thermometer into a highly intelligent, connected device. Kinsa devices allow their customers to better be able to keep an eye on illnesses from beginning to end, monitoring fever symptoms and alerting users when fever and symptoms warrant closer monitoring or a visit to the doctor.

The biggest complaint with generic digital thermometers is figuring out how to get them to the point where they can actually start reading our temperature, and Kinsa’s simple, foolproof interface rectifies this. Once the thermometer is in position, Kinsa’s digital mercury automatically springs into action. A blue progress bar counts down the remaining seconds as a series of cartoon bubbles float across the screen—but you won’t be staring at them for too long.

Once it’s finished, the app will display your temperature and any associated symptoms. From there you can either save the results or redo the process. Recorded temperatures can be stored under individual profiles and lists are easy enough to visualize.

The Kinsa Smart Thermometer may be designed for kids, but tech-savvy grown-ups will love it, too.

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