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Just to be clear, the following words are my personal opinions and should not be misconstrued or misinterpreted. With the world at large and not just Kenya facing cataclysmic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, we appreciate all that the healthcare providers are doing to treat patients at the risk of them themselves becoming patients too. […]

Medic East Africa 2018

Meximed Africa Limited was again an exhibitor at this year’s Medic East Africa Conference from 25th – 27th September 2018 at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) in Nairobi. We would like to thank all our business partners and visitors who came to our stand and we hope that we could provide the information which […]

Aero Mobile Oxygen

People suffering from lung disease not only have to put up with constantly carrying an oxygen cylinder to survive, but also constantly have to deal with the staring gaze of strangers. Unsurprisingly, this results in very stressful situations, amplifying the moral pain: the feeling of “being sick” can hardly be forgotten by those suffering such […]

Antimicrobial paint

For many thousands of years, paint has been used to decorate the spaces we live, work and play in. From adorning the walls of prehistoric caves to aesthetically transforming the modern-day home, paint has evolved into a protective application as well as a feature enhancing substance. Antimicrobial paint additives are specific actives that can be […]


It’s hard to keep up with 3D bioprinting technology. What seemed, not that long ago, like a futuristic dream is now advancing at an incredible speed. Numerous organizations, from corporations to universities, are developing their own variations on the technology, each slightly different, but all aimed at the same goal – to 3D print viable […]


Nowadays, artificial intelligence and machine learning are integrated with electronic devices to make devices smarter and reliable. The future is not far away when we will see AI and machine learning incorporated in the stethoscope to improve accuracy, functionability and delivery of timely results. It facilitates easy telemedicine and remote cardiac analysis by transmitting your […]

DOT Watch

A new smart watch, the Dot, catering to the blind, is being built that will allow the visually impaired to read their digital data in braille. While in the non-digital world, books and other reading material are available in braille this has not always translated over into the digital world, though we find the world […]

Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitoring System (iHealth)

Let’s be honest, every single one of us now owns a smartphone, enabling us to stay connected with our environment constantly. GPS, chat applications, online games etc., we’re surrounded with innovative applications. So why not take this chance to care about our health and connect a medical device to our smartphone? If you have difficulty […]

(Sonon) Wireless Ultrasound Machine

This is the World’s First Wireless, App-Based Ultrasound machine to be FDA approved. It is a pocket-sized ultrasound system that is powerful, portable and does not require electricity for scanning. The SONON series devices weigh just about 360gms and can be used for scanning everywhere you go. The device wirelessly transmits data to a paired […]

HIV, Syphilis Tests? There’s an App for That!

There are gizmos that let your smartphone read credit cards, sync with your fitness wristband and even function as a TV remote control. Now you can add “run an HIV test” to the list. A device invented by biomedical engineers at Columbia University turns a smartphone into a lab that can test human blood for […]